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5 Reasons Seniors Should Eat Spearmint

Spearmint is a plant that grows wild in Europe and parts of Asia. The plant resembles the dandelion in many ways, with 3.5 inch leaves and smaller purple flowers. While being a member of the mint family, it has a much stronger taste than peppermint. Temple in-home caregivers can put its leaves in a wonderful salad, grind them up into a smoothie or steep a cup of tea with them for multiple benefits. Others find they enjoy chewing on this plant’s leaves. There are many health benefits when you make spearmint part of your diet.

1. Oral Hygiene

Spearmint has natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, helping promote a healthy mouth by stopping gum infection. Chewing on spearmint is not only refreshing, but it also helps to sweeten bad breath.

2. Stomach Relief

Spearmint often helps when stomachs get upset. Consuming just a little can help stop flatulence, cramps and bloating. Seniors with irritable bowel syndrome and gastrointestinal disorders often experience fewer symptoms when they consume spearmint.

3. Better Circulation

Eating spearmint is a great way to help seniors get enough iron into their diets. This is particularly useful for seniors with anemia. This is because spearmint contains properties that helps blood move through the body faster, helping seniors feel more energetic. Those same properties often help wounds heal faster.

4. Heart Health

The heart muscle works better when spearmint is incorporated into the diet because of this mint’s high potassium level. Usually, the stress on blood vessels and arteries is reduced when spearmint is consumed regularly. Some post-stroke caregivers in Temple believe that eating this mint may even help prevent recurrence of strokes.

5. Hormone Balance

Additionally, spearmint helps to promote hormonal balance. Therefore, people may feel less stress and tend to be happier. Keeping hormones in balance can even help reduce instances of insomnia and depression. Eating spearmint may also boost one’s ability to remember. Evidence even suggests that consuming spearmint helps promote weight loss by regulating hormones associated with weight.

Nutrition is only one facet of senior wellbeing. With help from Temple, TX, Home Care Assistance, seniors learn to adopt balanced routines that consist of socialization, daily exercise and healthy diet to promote vitality and longevity. Call 254-856-0600 today to learn more about our comprehensive services and how they benefit our clients.