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What Is Memory Screening?

With aging comes some memory loss, but sometimes that memory loss can signal more than just aging. Memory screening is an assessment tool that tests memory and other cognitive function. It is designed to promote early diagnosis and treatment for those who might be at risk of Alzheimer’s and/or dementia. There are some online tests available, but for an accurate assessment these tests should be administered by a healthcare professional. Following are a few things Temple live-in caregivers need to know about the process.

Professional Screening

With professional memory screening, your loved one will be tested in private without outside distractions in the room. The screening itself consists of a collection of assessment tests designed to examine memory performance, language skills, thinking aptitude and other cerebral functions. The healthcare professional will then go over the screening results with you and your loved one. The screenings are not meant to be a diagnosis, but are a tool in helping to find a diagnosis.

Who Should Be Tested

The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America provides this list of questions on their Memory Screening website. If you can answer, “yes” to any of them, your loved one may benefit from memory screening.

  • Are they becoming more forgetful?
  • Do they have trouble concentrating?
  • Do they have difficulty performing familiar tasks?
  • Do they have trouble recalling words or names in conversation?
  • Do they sometimes forget where they are or where they are going?
  • Have you noticed that they repeat questions or say the same thing over and over again?
  • Are they misplacing things more often?
  • Have they become lost when walking or driving?
  • Have you noticed changes in their mood, behavior, personality, or desire to do things?

It is important to note that many things can affect memory testing including vitamin deficiencies, medications, and hormonal imbalances. For this reason, you and your loved one should take the memory screening results to their primary care physician for discussion and further testing and evaluation. Should your loved one test positive for dementia, it may be time to look into Temple dementia home care.

Turn to Temple Home Care Assistance for help looking after seniors with dementia or other memory-related disorders. We provide comprehensive live-in and hourly services that promote cognitive, physical and emotional stimulations to delay the onset of dementia. Call 254-856-0600 today to learn more about our services and schedule a free in-home consultation.