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Essential Ways to Simplify Tasks for Seniors with Parkinson’s

A senior who lives with Parkinson’s disease will experience a range of symptoms such as slow movements and tremors that can negatively affect his or her daily life, even with the help of a live-in caregiver in Temple, TX. As this disease progresses, performing routine tasks like eating, grooming, or walking can be daunting. The following five tools will make living with PD a little easier.

Bathroom Safety

Parkinson’s caregivers can make the powder room much safer and accessible for seniors with just a couple of pieces of equipment. Caregivers can install a shower chair and grab bars to help seniors get in and out of the shower to prevent them from losing their balance. If shaky hands make grooming challenging for seniors with PD, using an electric toothbrush and razor will help.

Gripping Tool

Something as simple as holding a fork can be difficult for seniors with PD. A grip slide-on could be the answer. It features a lightweight design and a sleek rubber exterior that makes grabbing and holding an object easier. Simply slide it over the handle of your for or toothbrush for extra grip. These grips feature flexible inner foam that can fit over many handle shapes.

Dressing Made Easier

Seniors with Parkinson’s may find getting dressed difficult due to muscle spasms or tremors. Choosing clothes with zipper pulls and shoes with elastic shoelaces or Velcro tabs will make getting dressed much easier. When they’re inside, wearing socks with non-slip soles instead of the traditional slippers may keep the shoes on their feet and also prevent them from falling should they experience impaired balance.

Voice Gadgets

Voice change is common among seniors with Parkinson’s. When seniors find that their voice is extremely soft, they could use a voice amplifier. This type of gadget would be particularly handy in social events where many conversations are taking place. They also have telephone amplifiers that will help a senior increase the volume of their voice when they’re talking on the phone. This gadget can also be of assistance to seniors who receive Temple, TX, post-stroke care or who are recovering from surgery or injury.

Organizing Aids

There are some cases where Parkinson’s may affect a senior’s memory. A box with compartments featuring the days of the week will organize their pills, but you could pair it with an alarm to remind your senior loved one to take his or her medications each day. If your senior loved one has a smartphone, he or she can use the calendar function as a reminder to keep appointments.

Seniors with Parkinson’s also benefit from live-in assistance from a dedicated Temple, TX, senior home care agency like Home Care Assistance. Our reliable at-home caregivers enable seniors with PD to manage their symptoms in the comfort of home without compromising their independence or dignity. Call a trusted Care Manager today at 254-856-0600 to schedule a free consultation and set up a unique care schedule for your senior loved one.