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Post-Stroke Communication Tools for Seniors

A stroke occurs when blood flow to the brain is interrupted, which can cause damage to important parts of the brain that control speech. After a stroke, seniors might be able to think clearly but find themselves unable to form the words needed to communicate with Temple in-home stroke care providers. Fortunately, there are many useful tools to help seniors communicate after a stroke.

Voice Control Software

In addition to aphasia (the inability to speak), seniors may also have trouble controlling muscle movement and therefore cannot type or write what they want to communicate. Dragon is a form of software that can interpret a voice filled with speech impairments into typed text on the computer, thereby allowing Temple home care providers to understand their clients.

Communication Boards

Communication boards are other tools that help post-stroke seniors talk when they are unable to speak or move. Sometime post-stroke seniors have trouble remembering the right word to describe what they want to say. A communication board contains pictures of common words or expressions and seniors can point to the board to explain what they wish to say.

Boogie Board Writing Tablet

This is ideal for seniors who can write but not speak, but it’s also an environmentally friendly option than paper and a pens. The stylus does not require a great deal of pressure, so it can be used even if seniors don’t have strong motor skills, and written phrases can be easily erased with one press of a button.

Phone and Tablet Apps

Modern technology can also be used for speech therapy and communication. VoisPal is an Android app that lets seniors tap images that the app forms into a grammatically correct sentence, which is then read aloud. Other useful apps include Verbally, which reads typed text aloud, and MyTalkTools, which can function as an electronic communication board.

Communication is important when it comes to home care, especially while caring for post-stroke seniors. Give your loved one the comprehensive care he or she needs with help from Home Care Assistance of Temple. Our compassionate caregivers help seniors overcome the challenges of stroke recovery while maintaining their independence. In addition to post-stroke services, we also provide flexible Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s care Temple families can trust. Learn more about our services and schedule a free consultation when you call 254-856-0600 today.