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5 Caregiver Tips for Traveling With Seniors

Traveling is an experience that almost anyone can enjoy, including the elderly. If you’re a live-in Temple caregiver and plan to take an extended trip with your senior loved one (after you’ve gotten approval from his or her physician), follow these tips to maximize his or her comfort during the time away from home.

1. Arrange for Care-Specific Services in Advance

If your elderly travel companion will be needing a wheelchair at the airport or train station, advance boarding of the vehicle, or has any other special seating requirements (such as being near a bathroom or exit), make these requests through the airline or travel company prior to your trip. It would be wise to familiarize yourself with TSA security checkpoints, as well. Make note of any surgical implants that could possibly set off metal detectors and remember to wear slip-on or easy-to-remove shoes.

2. Reserve an Accessible Room

Contact the hotel you will be staying at to request an easily accessible room. Extra safety precautions such as grab bars in the bathtub and wider doorways can provide more comfort to seniors who are traveling extended periods of time, particularly if they receive Alzheimer’s, dementia, or post-stroke Temple home care.

3. Research Your Destination for Nearby Medical Centers

When you and your loved one are travelling to unfamiliar destinations, it is wise to know where nearby hospitals and medical centers are located in the event of an emergency. Also, it would be wise to bring along any necessary insurance information.

4. Bring Familiar Items From Home

One of the quickest ways to provide comfort during an extended vacation is to bring along familiar items from home, such as a favorite blanket, game, or snack. Additionally, any necessary medications should be packed and kept in a place that can be conveniently reached when needed.

5. Make Time for Routine and Breaks

Maintaining a daily routine will help keep order during the trip, so try to stick to a daily schedule as much as possible. This will go a long way in preventing unnecessary stress and anxiety for your loved one. Also, leave plenty of time in your schedule for several breaks each day. Vacation should be a time for rest and relaxation. Try to avoid running from place to place without minimal breaks in between.

While making travel plans for you and your loved one, look to Temple Home Care Assistance to make the transition easier. We are a trusted provider of live-in and hourly home care that enables seniors to live independently while managing illness or injury. Regardless of your loved one’s unique needs, our highly trained caregivers are always available to help. Call 254-856-0600 today to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to helping your loved one age in place.