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Fun Pool Exercises Seniors will Love to Try

Pool or aquatic exercise is ideal for elderly people who need physical therapy or hourly Temple home care in order to build muscle mass, increase strength and encourage healing from physical injuries. The warm water and low-impact activity enables exercise while reducing stress on weight-bearing joints and connective tissues. Many communities offer water aerobic classes. However, there are many types of exercises that the elderly might easily accomplish without instruction.


Warming up before any activity reduces the chance of injury while preparing the body for more strenuous exercise.

  • Have your loved one stand heel to toe in the pool while holding onto the side. Seniors should rock back and forth on their heels until they are standing on their toes. This activity encourages proper walking without a shuffling gait.
  • Rocking side to side while shifting weight from one foot to the other helps warm the legs up from the hips down. This exercise can also be advanced to include lunging from side to side.


Have your loved one stand in the shallow end of the pool where the water is anywhere from ankle to knee deep. Using long strides, seniors can walk from one side of the pool to the other. The water serves as natural resistance to burn calories and build muscles. In fact, after 30 minutes of walking, individuals can burn up to 260 calories.

Abdominal Workout

Use a pool noodle wrapped from behind and held in front. Or seniors can stand with their backs to the side of the pool while gripping the sides. The water must be at least waist deep to gain maximum benefits. With legs together, bring them up to a 45-degree angle. Tuck the knees into the chest then slowly extend the legs. Lower the legs and stand. Repeat this exercise up to 25 times.

Treading Water

In at least chest-deep water, seniors should begin treading water. Though this is a basic exercise, the activity provides a simple yet effective cardio workout. Continue for five to 10 minutes as tolerated then rest. Gradually increase the time to increase your loved one’s endurance strength.

You may not always be available to help your loved one work out this summer, but there are numerous Temple at-home care agencies that can. Home Care Assistance of Temple provides flexible live-in, hourly, and respite care that enables seniors to remain at home while managing health and wellbeing. In addition to offering companionship, our friendly caregivers help seniors maintain healthy diet and regular exercise. Give your loved one the help he or she needs to age in place with dignity. Call 254-856-0600 today and schedule a no-obligation consultation with an experienced Care Manager.