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How Seniors Benefit from Music Therapy

While passive music therapy typically involves listening to music, in recent years, active therapy encourages elderly participants to sing, play a rhythm instrument, or learn to play a conventional musical instrument. There are many ways that music can have a transforming effect on seniors and Temple caregivers will explain these benefits.

Enhance Memory and Cognitive Function

The act of singing or playing an instrument encourages the development of neurological pathways within the brain. Actively playing music also strengthens these connections. According to the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, seniors who receive Temple dementia home care positively respond to music. Seniors experience more effective treatments while listening to music that they enjoyed when they were between 18 and 25 years of age.

Encourages Creativity

Playing musical instruments provides seniors with a hobby that prevents depression by producing endorphins. Music stimulates motivation and allows individuals to have the freedom of creative expression. The time and energy invested in producing melodic tones lifts spirits and induces relaxation.

Increases Range of Motion

Whether seniors clap their hands, tap their feet, dance or play an instrument, various muscle groups are working in the process. Learning to play an instrument with strings, buttons, or keys further enhances fine motor skills and dexterity. Just hearing beloved tunes induces muscle relaxation and reduces tension.

Improves Social Life

Being a member of a group of seniors who enjoy concerts, participate in dance classes, or play instruments encourages social interaction within the group by bringing people together to bond over a common interest.

When seniors participate in music therapy, they experience numerous physical and emotional benefits that contribute to overall wellbeing. In addition to music therapy, seniors can turn to Home Care Assistance to enhance their golden years in the comfort of home. In addition to Alzheimer’s, dementia, and post-stroke services, we are a dedicated provider of senior home care Temple families can trust. Whether seniors need transportation to music therapy or a companion to listen to music with, our compassionate caregivers offer assistance with these and other activities. To learn more, contact a knowledgeable Care Manager at 254-856-0600 and schedule a complimentary consultation today.