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Fun Activities for Seniors with Alzheimer’s to Enjoy This New Year’s Eve

Every senior loves to be included on holiday fun. New Year’s is no exception even if the person has Alzheimer’s. Temple, TX, Alzheimer’s caregivers can include their senior loved ones in the family fun this year with these exciting activities.

Create a Family Give Away

New Year’s is a great time to clean out the old so that you have room for the new. Have everyone go through their cupboards and put the food that will not help them meet their goals for the coming year in a big box. Go through their clothes closets and get rid of the things that they will never wear again. Then, have everyone bring these items to your New Year’s Eve party. On January 2, you can all donate the items to charity.

Make a Family Calendar

Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers in Temple, TX, can get a large calendar and have each person add the things that they hope to accomplish in the coming year to that calendar. While each person is adding their items, they can share a little about why that date is important to them.

Play Name That Tune

Download the hottest hits for each decade. You can choose to stick within one genre of music or cross over several genres. Then, play name that tune. The person with the most correct guesses wins a silly prize.

Go on a News Hunt

Find a news snippet or two from each decade that the senior can remember from the past. Read the news snippet aloud and have everyone try to guess when the story was written. You can focus on national or international stories, or for more fun, give this game a local twist with names or locations in the news that the senior will recognize. Take time to listen to the senior tell how that story made a personal impact on his or her life.

The most important thing that you can do this New Year’s Eve is spend time with your senior with Alzheimer’s. Invite some family over to spend the night with you or invite some of your senior loved one’s friends over for the special celebration. Learn more about other ways to involve your elderly loved one in social activities by calling Home Care Assistance at 254-856-0600. We provide flexible live-in and hourly elderly care Temple families can count on to help seniors with cognitive disorders age in place. One of our reliable Care Managers will customize a unique care plan for your loved one when you call.