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Monitoring Diabetes with New Medical Bracelet

A new way to keep track of diabetes treatment may be as close as your wrist thanks to researchers in South Korea. Wearable medical technology may one day revolutionize medicine by allowing those with diabetes to instantly, accurately, and painlessly collect valuable healthcare data with a simple medical bracelet. With this revolutionary device, live-in caregivers in Temple can provide the proper care and assistance their loved ones require.

People with diabetes must closely monitor their glucose, or blood sugar, levels to keep them from getting too high. Treatment is contingent upon regular and accurate monitoring of blood sugar. For many years, diabetics could only check their glucose with lancets that require regular needle-sticks. This method of tracking diabetes is obtrusive, painful, and only as reliable as the patient’s ability to keep up with measurements on a regular schedule.

Investigators at the Institute for Basic Science in South Korea have created a revolutionary monitoring device that may replace home monitoring kits. The device is a wearable bracelet with an electrochemical surface. Sensors in the bracelet make constant, comfortable contact with the skin. Glucose levels can be measured in the patient’s sweat, eliminating the need for needle-sticks.

The device is also poised to optimize drug delivery for diabetes treatment. The sensor-embedded surface is equipped with specialized microneedles, tiny needles that only penetrate the shallowest layer of skin. This allows for rapid and painless transmission of insulin from the drug-loaded needles into the wearer’s bloodstream. Drug delivery is connected to the detection of clinically significant glucose levels as captured by the bracelet’s sensors. The bracelet creates a closed loop of monitoring and treatment.

This device could transform diabetes self-care from a time-consuming and painful process to something that is done automatically no matter where the wearer goes. Like other developments in health care technology, it’s designed not only to improve the patient’s health but also to enhance quality of life.

Until this device is perfected and tested, seniors can turn to Home Care Assistance of Temple, TX, to manage their diabetes. We provide comprehensive home care locals seniors can rely on to offer medication reminders and promote healthy diet and exercise. Call us today at 254-856-0600 to speak with a friendly Care Manager and schedule a complimentary in-home consultation.