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6 Board Games That Stimulate Senior Cognition

Board games are not just for passing the time or providing entertainment. Researchers believe that playing various games can also stimulate brain function and thus boost cognition. In order to reap optimal benefits, seniors should play games for up to 30 minutes at a time and at least three times a week. Following are six ideal board games that Temple Alzheimer’s caregivers can play with their senior loved ones.

1. Chess

The popular strategy game stimulates both sides of the brain. Chess has also been shown to increase I.Q. Playing helps stave off cognitive decline as players must use concentration, memory and foresight to beat their opponent.

2. Chinese Checkers

The game originated in Germany in 1892 and was later renamed in the U.S. in 1928. Up to six players have different colored game pieces on the star-shaped board. Each tries to get their pieces to the opposite end before being captured. Not unlike chess, dementia caregivers in Temple can use it to encourage seniors to concentrate and strategize.

3. Go

Also known as Reversi, the game requires two people who each get a collection of dark or light-colored discs. Players gain territory around the board by creating walls using their discs while blocking the stones of their opponents. The game finishes when the board becomes filled or at the discretion of the players. Whichever player has the most discs on the board is deemed the winner.

4. Q-Bitz

The game stimulates the analytical and visual centers of the brain. Players are challenged to mimic one of 120 different patterns. While someone with dementia may enjoy simply creating the patterns, elderly adults having higher mental acuity may compete in speed and memory races.

5. Stare

This game requires memorization skills. Each player analyzes the cartoon, sketch or image on a card before it is turned upside down. Players must then correctly answer a question about the image before the 30-second time limit ends.

6. Taboo

Games like Taboo game stimulate memory and vocabulary functions. Each player or team has one minute to guess words from a selected card. However, the catch involves not saying taboo words. As teams guess correctly, they advance around the board.

With help from a trusted provider of elderly care in Temple like Home Care Assistance, seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia get the cognitive stimulation they need to live life comfortably and with confidence. Our highly trained caregivers supplement our services with our proprietary Cognitive Therapeutics Method (CTM), an activities-based program that uses a series of games to delay the onset of dementia, stave off memory loss, and boost cognitive function. Learn more about CTM when you call 254-856-0600 today to speak with an experienced Care Manager.