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Simple Ways to Boost Senior Longevity

There are several key components to senior longevity. Extensive scientific research has proven that dietary habits, meditation, and a healthy exercise regimen are directly linked to an extended life span.

Nutritious Diet

Mediterranean and Oriental diets provide numerous health benefits to people of all ages, especially the elderly. These diets are known to cut the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure, thus reducing the need for future heart disease or stroke care in Temple, TX. Rich in essential fatty acids, Mediterranean food can boost the immune, cardiovascular and other body systems. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are typically derived from olives, olive oil and avocados that are abundant in southern Europe. Similarly, such important nutrients can be found in seafood that is commonly consumed in Japan and other countries in southeastern Asia.

Daily Meditation

The ancient traditions of the eastern cultures can also boost longevity among seniors. Yoga is a meditative practice that offers emotional benefits to elderly individuals who might live with cognitive and neurological disorders. Routine mediation provides much more than just spiritual peace of mind. It also prevents or slows down the onset of dementia, thereby reducing the need for Alzheimer’s or dementia home care in Temple during a senior’s golden years. Yoga also helps ease anxiety and reduce the risk of depression, thereby boosting your loved one’s emotional wellbeing.

Moderate Exercise

In order to enjoy optimum longevity, seniors should engage in regular exercise. A sedentary lifestyle can only exacerbate common problems such as poor circulation, constipation and arthritis. Even mild exercise such as walking can minimize the extent of physical issues commonly associated with aging. Regular physical activity promotes normal respiration, circulation and other important bodily functions that become compromised with old age. Even if seniors use oxygen concentrators or have pacemakers, it’s still safe to engage in some light exercises that will ultimately boost longevity.

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