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5 Little-Known Benefits of Knitting for Seniors

Seniors can make many beautiful knitting projects including gloves, scarves and household decorations. Temple elderly care providers know that in addition to being fun, knitting is also beneficial for seniors. Following are five surprising ways your senior loved one can benefit from knitting.

1. Knitting Stimulates Brain Activity

Seniors often have trouble finding activities that they can do that will keep their brain’s active. Knitting serves this purpose, as when a person knits over 60 percent of the brain is active. At least, that’s according to an article published in the Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences. In fact, science has proven that knitters are less likely to develop dementia than people who do not do a craft on a regular basis.

2. Knitting Helps Calm Anxiety

Seniors who knit are calmer than those who do not because the project requires them to focus on the now. Therefore, they have less time to fret about common life stresses such as health, bills and personal problems.

3. Knitting Makes Seniors Happier

When a senior is focused on their creative work, they are happier than when they feel that they have nothing to do all day. In fact, a survey reported in the British Journal of Occupational Therapy states that knitting could increase happiness levels by up to 81 percent in people who knit on a regular basis. When surveyed, over 50 percent of knitters reported that they were very happy when working on a project.

4. Knitting Boosts Physical Health

The effect of moving the needles or seeing a project come together on a loom prompts the same health benefits in seniors as those who meditate regularly. Scientists know that knitting slows a person’s heart rate and breathing and helps muscles to relax. Therefore, knitters often feel better physically when they are working on a knitting project.

5. Knitting Raises Self-Esteem

Many seniors have a hard time feeling that they are doing anything worthwhile with their lives. Knitting provides them this opportunity by allowing them to share their finished projects with someone special.

Knitting is just one activity that can help seniors boost physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Turn to Home Care Assistance to learn more about ways to encourage your loved one to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Our premier live-in and hourly home care in Temple enables seniors to age in place with confidence while boosting overall wellbeing. Call 254-856-0600 today to learn more about our services and how they benefit the elderly.