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Dementia Care: Making Your Loved One’s Home Safe

Technology can be your friend when it comes to making a loved one with dementia safer in his or her own home. Primary considerations are fire safety, nutrition, falls, and taking medications on time. Technology can help to a great extent, even giving you remote control in some instances. Here are some useful ways family caregivers in Temple can help their loved ones with dementia stay safe at home.

Home Security Systems

Modern wireless home security systems offer intrusion protection, but they also offer monitored smoke and carbon monoxide detection along with home automation. You can be instantly notified of an alert in your loved one’s home. Live surveillance footage can be monitored through a mobile app that also permits you to control door locks, lights, appliances and even thermostats. Whether your loved one receives dementia home care in Temple or is home alone, this device will give you some peace of mind.

Easy-to-Make Meals

Senior nutrition is important, but cooking from scratch can become a safety issue if a pot is forgotten on the stove. Microwaves are quick and easy to operate whether you make dishes yourself or heat up cold or frozen food from the store. These simple devices make it easy for seniors with dementia to remain independent while safely and quickly preparing their own meals.

Panic and Medical Alert Pendants

There are different panic buttons and medical alert devices available for seniors with cognitive disorders. Some are integrated devices that come with home security systems. Advanced models allow two-way communication directly from the pendant, while others require the user to be close to a base station. The monitored systems allow seniors to call for help with a live person. It would be wise to choose one with GPS and cellular for pinpointing location and one that will automatically alert falls or irregular schedules such as not getting out of bed in the morning.

Medication Routines

Prefilled pill boxes are the best option for maintaining your loved one’s medication schedule. This permits seniors and caregivers to monitor medication use. Some pillboxes even have reminder alarms on them. If the senior uses a smartphone, medication reminder apps are particularly helpful. Printed daily schedules with check boxes can also be a big help for a loved one with dementia to help him or her remember if he or she has taken the necessary medication.

The above technological modifications can significantly enhance safety and wellbeing for seniors with dementia, but sometimes a more personal approach is necessary. Home Care Assistance of Temple provides flexible dementia home care to meet each client’s individual needs. Whether your loved one needs help for a few hours each week or on a live-in basis, our trusted caregivers offer seniors assistance with everything from personal care and emotional support to safety monitoring and medication reminders. Give your loved one the dementia care he or she needs to age in place with dignity by calling 254-856-0600 and scheduling a free consultation.