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When Should I Hire an In-Home Caregiver for My Senior Loved One?

Most people prefer to live independently for as long as possible, but there may come a time when you need to seek in-home care for your loved one. Keep an eye out for the following warning signs as they may indicate that your loved one needs at-home care in Temple.

Frequent Injuries

Cuts and bruises on your loved one’s face or body could be a sign that he or she is falling down on a regular basis. A Temple in-home caregiver can help with high-risk activities such as housekeeping, doing the laundry, or reaching items on high shelves. A caregiver can also remind your loved one to use a walker or a cane to prevent injuries that result from falling.

Memory Lapses

You may notice that your loved one runs red lights, gets lost while driving in familiar settings, takes medication incorrectly or forgets to pay bills. These are serious signs that your loved one needs daily or hourly assistance with transportation, medication reminders, and managing financial affairs.

Weight Loss

If your loved one is losing weight, schedule a visit to the doctor’s office. Assuming there is no medical reason for the weight loss, it is possible that your loved one is having trouble preparing meals. Another possibility is that your loved one has lost his or her appetite due to depression or loneliness. A local caregiver can prepare nutritious meals for your loved one while simultaneously providing companionship and emotional support.

Poor Hygiene

Grooming and bathing are complex tasks for seniors who need assistance. Your loved one may lack the energy to complete them, or he or she may be afraid of falling while getting in or out of the tub. A compassionate home caregiver can help maintain your loved one’s hygiene and cleanliness without impeding his or her dignity and self-esteem.

Your senior loved one doesn’t have to face the challenges of aging alone. Home Care Assistance of Temple is dedicated to preserving the dignity and independence of local seniors while providing them with optimal in-home care. With the help of our exceptional caregivers, your senior loved one will enjoy customized live-in or hourly home care in Temple, TX. Learn more when you call an experienced Care Manager today at 254-856-0600 and schedule a free consultation.