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Healthy Thanksgiving Meals for Seniors Recovering from Stroke of Heart Attack

Eating well after a stroke or heart attack is important, but it can be hard to compromise during the holidays. Luckily, no compromise needs to be made in order to have healthy, delicious food for Thanksgiving. With a little preparation, Temple caregivers can make plenty of heart-healthy foods that taste great.


The good news is that turkey is an approved part of any heart-healthy diet. Avoid adding significant amounts of fat, which can happen if you fry the bird. Instead, try using olive oil and roasting it the traditional way with herbs and spices. Just go easy on the salt.

Stuffing and Potatoes

Stuffing made from whole wheat bread, nuts, vegetables, herbs and spices is a great and tasty accompaniment to the main course. Sweet potatoes or even yams are easy to bake and serve either mashed or whole. Recipes that use Greek yogurt and vegetable oil in place of butter make delicious mashed potatoes that are heart healthy.

Cranberry Sauce, Vegetables and Rolls

While canned cranberry sauce is full of sugar, real cranberry sauce has a modest amount that it can be eaten in reasonable portions by seniors in need of Temple stroke care. Vegetables of all kinds are also on the approved list, including traditional green beans or green salad. Whole grain rolls accompanied by a small amount of olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dipping is another great side option.

Appetizers and Desserts

For an appetizer, try a mix of sugar-free dried fruits and nuts, or a vegetable plate with a yogurt-based dip. For the culinary inclined, pumpkin pie can be made with a number of substitutions including stevia, fat-free milk and egg whites, or coconut milk. Apple pie can also be easily modified into a low-fat version. For those who want to buy dessert, try sugar-free pudding or fresh fruit with just a little low-fat whipped topping.

Help your loved one enjoy this Thanksgiving while recovering from heart attack or stroke with help from Home Care Assistance. Our Temple, TX, senior care enables seniors to recover quickly and efficiently in the comfort of home with help from a versatile post-stroke caregiver. Learn more about our services by calling 254-856-0600 today to schedule a complimentary consultation.