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7 Alleged “Bad” Foods That Are Actually Good for You

Nutritional news articles are continually filled with alerts as to what foods are healthy and which foods should be avoided. Some of the foods that are considered unhealthy are actually high in nutrients and other health benefits. Following are seven alleged “bad” foods that Temple caregivers should feel confident giving to their senior loved ones.

1. Beer

A study performed by researchers from the Mediterranean Institute in Italy evaluated the health risks and benefits associated with beer and found that one beer a day reduces the risk of having a heart attack by 50 percent. Beer also reduces stroke risk by 50 percent and the risk of developing kidney stones by 40 percent.

2. Coffee

Two or three cups of coffee a day interferes with free radicals that contribute to cellular deterioration or abnormal tissue development. The beverage can also reduce the risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease. Just remember to lightly sweeten coffee and use a little milk or cream if desired.

3. Eggs

Many people avoid eggs thinking that they are high in malevolent cholesterol. In reality, whole eggs are an inexpensive protein that contains vitamins A and D along with a wealth of essential fatty acids.

4. Milk

Recent trends encourage people to drink almond, coconut or soy-based milk. However, these products are highly processed, low in nutrients and protein and are high in sugar. One cup of dairy milk provides eight grams of protein in addition to calcium, vitamin D and riboflavin.

5. Potatoes

One medium potato has fewer carbohydrates than pasta or rice. One potato with skin provides 70 percent of the RDA of vitamin C, 30 percent of vitamin B6, 25 percent of the recommended amount of potassium and 12 percent of the daily amount of magnesium.

6. Red Meat

Red meat is an excellent source of protein, fiber, creatine, iron, selenium, vitamin B and zinc. Choose lean cuts and enjoy red meat up to three times a week for optimal nutrition.

7. Wine

The polyphenol antioxidants in wine reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and neurodegenerative disease processes. One glass of red or white wine daily also provides antimicrobial benefits that help prevent oral and upper respiratory infections.

Seniors can learn to prepare healthy meals and maintain nutritious diets with help from Temple senior home care agencies like Home Care Assistance. Our expertly trained caregivers understand the role diet and exercise play in senior wellbeing and longevity, which is why we help clients with grocery shopping, meal preparation, physical exercise, and more. Schedule a complimentary consultation when you call 254-856-0600 today.