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5 Fun Mardi Gras Crafts for Aging Adults

Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, comes 46 days before Easter each year. The festivities typically include a grand parade, parties, colorful costumes, beads, and masks. Making decorative crafts on this occasion is the ideal activity for family members and their senior loved ones to bond and share happiness. Here are 5 craft ideas worth considering.

1. Beads

Temple, TX, senior home care professionals often encourage family caregivers and their aging loved ones to create beads for Fat Tuesday. Simply string an assortment of appropriately-colored craft beads to create traditional beaded necklaces.

2. Mardi Gras Masks

Start by cutting poster board or paper plates into any shape of your loved one’s liking. Cover the masks with felt and decorate them with glitter and sequins. Make a tiny hole on both ends of the mask and attach elastic to wear the creation. Alternately, you can attach a straw or thin dowel to one side of the mask.

3. Paper Chain Decorations

Help your loved one make paper chains from strips of green, gold, and purple paper to hang in his or her room. The chains can also be dazzled with glitter and sequins as an add-on.

4. Festive Piñata

Create a festive piñata with your loved one, using a balloon and paper towel cardboard tubes for the base. Cover the balloon with plastic wrap and attach the tubes to the balloon while crafting the desired shape, then cover the design with one-inch wide strips of newspaper, drenched in a runny flour and water paste. Allow the piñata to dry thoroughly, and then cut a hole in the top to deflate the balloon. Remove the debris and fill the piñata with your loved one’s favorite candy. Suspend a string from the top to hang the piñata, and finish the unique display with colorful crepe and construction paper.

5. Miniature Floats

Turn a shoebox upside down and use it for the base of the float, then stand the lid vertically and attach it to one end of the box. Embellish the float with beads, colored paper, a mask, or other decorations.

Seniors with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other cognitive impairment may require professional assistance with crafting. If your loved one experiences memory loss, Home Care Assistance can help. Our professional caregivers can encourage and assist seniors in crafting and other mentally stimulating activities to boost their health and wellbeing and enhance their motor skills. To hire reliable hourly or live-in caregivers in Temple, TX, call one of our friendly Care Managers today at 254-856-0600.