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Why Is Cancer Screening So Important for Senior Health?

The risk of cancer increases over time due to a buildup of gene mutations and environmental exposures. While the younger body’s immune system is strong enough to correct mutations, senior citizens’ immune systems are weaker. Years of exposure to toxins also play a role in the development of cancers in seniors, which is one of the reasons it’s important for Temple caregivers to encourage their loved ones to regularly screen for cancer. Here are a few others to keep in mind.

Early Detection

Cancer screening for seniors is important because it provides an opportunity for early detection. The earlier that a cancer is discovered, the sooner doctors can begin to treat it. In most cases, cancer screening detects cancer before there are any noticeable symptoms.

More Treatment Options

Screening and early detection of cancer allows for a greater variety of treatment options. A senior with an early stage cancer may be able to choose a treatment option that takes less time or is less stressful, whereas late diagnoses limit the treatment options available. For example, a lumpectomy of a small breast cancer tumor may be preferable compared to chemotherapy and radiation for a tumor that has metastasized.

Higher Cure Rate

Regular screening for cancer allows the disease to be diagnosed at an earlier stage. The earlier diagnosis and treatment may result in a higher cure rate, especially in cases such as breast cancer. According to a study by the American Cancer Society, breast cancer that is detected at stage one has a 99 percent survival rate. Early detection boosts the odds of survival.

Longer and Better Quality of Life

Seniors who undergo a cancer screening that detects cancer in an early stage of the disease may have a longer and higher quality of life. Diseases such as breast cancer are less painful and complicated to treat during the early stages. There is also less need for reconstructive surgery after an early detection.

If your loved one has been diagnosed with cancer or any disease after a routine checkup or screening, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Temple. We provide numerous at-home services including Alzheimer’s, dementia, and post-stroke home care Temple seniors need to meet the challenges of treatment and recovery in peace. Learn more when you call 254-856-0600 today and schedule a complimentary consultation.