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Recapture Youth with a Revolutionary Pill

MIT biologist Dr. Leonard Guarente found that sirtuins, a metabolic enzyme, have been shown to extend the lifespan of mice and other animals such as worms and possibly even humans. The following research was conducted to create a revolutionary anti-aging pill called Basis, which may help seniors and their at-home caregivers in Temple retain their youth and vitality.

One specific type of sirtuins, NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), seemed to reverse the signs of aging in laboratory mice. That is to say that when treated with NAD, the tissue of two-year-old mice resembled the tissue of six-month-old mice after one week of exposure.

Because NAD is needed to help sirtuins complete their job, it must be involved in other roles of a cell’s metabolism. NAD levels decline with age, which means that in order to reverse the aging process in cells, scientists must raise the level of that molecule. By adding in nicotinamide riboside, the precursor for NAD, the body can transform this compound into NAD and use it to repair DNA.

Dr. Guarente and Elysium Health co-founders, Eric Marcotulli and Dan Alminana, used these findings to create Basis, the all-natural youth pill that contains the chemical precursor to NAD. It is understood that NAD has comparable effects to that of a diet severely lacking in calories – a scientifically proven way to extend the lifespan of a mouse. The caloric restriction has consistently proven to extend the lives of laboratory mice because the sirtuins enzymes help the process along. Additionally, Basis contains the antioxidant pterostilbene that stimulates sirtuins in a different way.

By combining the two compounds, Guarente says they expect a synergistic effect that may boost both lifespan and overall health. However, it’s important to remember that looking younger and increasing longevity is not Elysium Health’s primary goal. Rather, Basis’ primary function is to increase energy levels to boost health among aging individuals so that they may enjoy more active, vital golden years.

While not all seniors have Basis readily available to them, they can still turn Temple, TX home care agencies to help them enjoy independent living during the golden years. Home Care Assistance of Temple is a leading provider of flexible live-in and hourly home care that enables seniors to age in place with dignity while getting the help they need to manage illness or injury. Although our services can be specified to assist seniors with medical conditions, we also help seniors with daily living activities to make their time at home more manageable. To learn more, contact a friendly Care Manager at 254-856-0600 to schedule a complimentary consultation.